Midwest Dance Connection 2016 La Crosse, WI
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Rules and Event Guidelines

Midwest Dance Connection is a dance competition built on excellence and integrity. All of the Midwest Dance Connection's rules and event guidelines were created to support an environment of learning, sportsmanship, and camaraderie. Please review and observe these rules when you join our event.

Dance Routine Guidelines

All music, costumes and choreography MUST be age appropriate and in good taste. Any routines for this dance competition containing explicit or derogatory lyrics, suggestive movements or overtly adult costuming will be downgraded in score, or even disqualified.

Length Guidelines
  • Solo/Duet/Trio - 3 minutes
  • Groups/Lines - 4 minutes
  • Productions - 6 minutes

Music Submission

Routine music will be accepted in CD format. Each routine must have a separate CD and a back up labeled in the following format:

  1. Routine # (will be sent to you two weeks prior to the event)
  2. Routine Name
  3. Studio Name
Music will be turned in at the registration table upon arrival.

Prop Guidelines

Prop drop off and pick up directions and times will be published two weeks prior to the dance competition. The venue can hold a limited number of large prop items. Large props will be allowed on a first come, first serve basis. Midwest Dance Connection is a timely event. To that end, all props set up and take down on stage must be completed in a maximum 3 minutes or points will be deducted.

Judging Criteria of Midwest Dance Connection

  • Technique - 30
  • Well Rehearsed - 20
  • Choreography Difficulty - 15
  • Choreography Artistry- 15
  • Costuming - 10
  • Overall Impression - 10

Dance Competition Awards

Scoring is based on a total of 300 points.

  • Platinum Star - 285-300
  • Gold Star - 270-284
  • Silver Star - 255-269
  • Bronze Star - 240-254

Special Awards

Special Awards include Judges Awards, Category High Point, Grand Champion, and More Than Just Great Dancing™ Sportsmanship Award and Cash Prizes!

Dance Competition Dressing Area

Each participating dance studio will be given a curtained dressing area based on total number of students participating in the event. A limited number of rolling garment racks will be provided. Please be respectful of the host venue by keeping your area clean and orderly.


The venue we choose will have ample seating for all families, teachers, and studio owners. In an effort provide great seats for everyone the saving of seats is discouraged. Unattended items will be removed if additional seating is needed. We request our venue have most seats of the front row reserved for teachers of the competing routine to see their students perform. Please enter and exit this area quietly and only between numbers. Admission is FREE. Program books will be available for purchase.


Concessions will be available for purchase from the Center. Food may not be brought into the hall.


For your convenience, Midwest Dance Connection is professionally photographed and videotaped. No photography or videotaping (whether by cell phone, ipad, camera, video camera or other device) is allowed during the event. Action photos and routine videos will be available for purchase. For your protection, photo and video orders will require an authorized teacher signature.

Schedule of Dance Competition Events

The final competition schedule will be provided to participants one week prior to the event.

Midwest Dance Connection Competition